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Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

  • Highly strong and efficient magnetic components
  • Stainless Steel Encapsulated Magnetic Components
  • Integrated stainless steel barrel
  • Wear-resistant aluminum or stainless steel end flanges
  • Double row self-aligning ball bearings allow easy maintenance without disassembling the drum
  • Precise factory drum positioning eliminates the need for field adjustments
  • Modular tank body for easy installation
  • full width overflow weir
  • High capacity input
  • Low initial cost
  • High energy rare earth magnets now available
Product Description

Short Description

There are silt discharge devices on both sides of the tank, which is convenient for cleaning the silt in the tank;

The magnetic system adopts a reliable fixing scheme to ensure that the magnetic group will never fall off and be damaged, and it will operate without failure;

Duckbill-shaped flushing pipe has strong adaptability to water quality, high water pressure, and effectively saves 50% of water;

The magnetic material is made of high remanence and high coercivity magnetic material, which has very good anti-demagnetization ability, and the demagnetization does not exceed 5% in eight years;

Cylinder protection has four ways for customers to choose: rubber-coated protection, high-efficiency stainless steel protection, wear-resistant ceramic protection, and ultra-high polymer wear-resistant material protection.


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