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Electromagnetic Separator for Fine Powder

The electromagnetic filter consists of an electromagnetic coil housed in a steel housing. The coil creates a uniform magnetic field throughout the hole. A stack of expanded metal disks, called the dielectric, fills the holes in the coil and is induced by a magnetic field. Typical media consists of 20 to 40 mid-grid (1/4 in [6 mm], 18 gauge) expanded metal disks 6 in (152 mm) high. The medium amplifies the background magnetic field, creates localized regions of extremely high gradients, and provides a collection zone for paramagnetic particle capture. As the feed is filtered through the media, paramagnetic particles are captured and thus removed from the particle stream.

Filters are rated by the strength of the magnetic field produced in the holes of the solenoid coil (media removed). This background magnetic field represents the driving force that creates amplified high gradients throughout the medium. Depending on the media configuration, it is typically the case that a background field of 2500 Gaussians will result in over 10,000 Gaussians in localized areas of the media. Filters are available for background magnetic fields up to 10,000 Gauss.
Product Description

Short Description

It is widely used in high-precision iron removal applications and is specially used for the purification of very fine powder materials. For example, when processing materials such as alumina, cobalt oxide, talcum powder, silica powder, lithium powder, titanium powder, and zircon powder, the iron content in the material can be reduced to several tens to ten by removing iron from the electromagnetic powder separator. Several PPM (According to the different nature of the material to reach the accuracy).

Applicable industries

Meet the iron removal requirements for almost all fine powders. The main applications are batteries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, abrasives, refractories, ceramics, specialty glass, specialty metal powders and fine minerals.


It is specially used to remove fine mixed iron in powder materials below 50 microns in size.

The unique electromagnetic coil design, the magnetic medium node magnetic field strength of 2-3 million Gauss, and provides adjustable magnetic field design.

Select the appropriate special magnetic medium for different materials.

Vibration sources generate high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations that increase the flow of the material.

Heat transfer oil forced circulation.

Flow and temperature monitoring ensure coil safety.

It can provide manual iron unloading and automatic iron unloading design (automatic iron unloading system can effectively remove the adsorbed impurities and increase production efficiency).

According to customer needs, provide a variety of throughput design.


ModelMagnetic Force (T)Input Voltage (ACV)Max Current Output (DCA)Max Power of Coil (KW)Insulation GradeCooling TypeMagnetic Diameter (mm)Capacity (T/H)Overall Dimension (mm)Weight (KG)
3A160238073EWater & Oil1600.5--1.5700*700*1450450
3A220238073EWater & Oil2201--3830*830*1460490
7A3002.5380157EWater & Oil3001.5--41320*1320*14501020
11A22033801511EWater & Oil2201.5--61300*1100*18501130
11A43033801511EWater & Oil4302.5--61600*1720*25001210
15A22033802015EWater & Oil2201.5--61300*1100*18501500
20A6003.53803520EWater & Oil6001.5--81500*1500*18502000


With over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, we supply critical magnetic equipment to some of the leading names in the most demanding industries. We are firmly equipment.




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